Daily Dose of Dave #11 – Silence

Progression is important for two reasons: it gets you closer to your goal and it keeps you motivated to keep pushing. Don’t underestimate reason two.

Welcome back to a new installment of Daily Dose of Dave, the series where I talk about my life as a hunter. Don’t worry, I’m not hunting animals: I’m on the hunt for a job as a writer or translator. I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend! Let you tell you about mine and let you know about the current situation I’m in.

The weekend
The weekend has been great. I had lunch with the missus and played some video games with my friends. I slept great and went back to work today full of energy. Energy which was drained as soon as I set foot into the building. As usual. Not that it matters: even though I’m not as motivated as I was yet, I’m getting there. I’m keeping busy. Well, about that.. 

Living life in the slow lane
Normally, I get back home from work to find something to do. There are job ads that I can apply to, I have a project I’m working on, in short: I’m making progress. I’m getting closer to my goals of landing my dream job as a writer or translator. It’s been a while since it’s been a day like that. I came home from work, wondering what to do. There aren’t any job ads that are worthwhile or I haven’t seen before and the project I’m working on with a client has been on hold since last November. It’s been quiet.

I hate having nothing to do. Sure, there are plenty of ways for me to enjoy myself and I have no problem sitting around all day: I’m not easily bored. I do however hate having nothing to work towards, not having my goals set in stone and not progressing. And that’s where I’m at right now. I feel like I’m grinding to a halt.

Let hope that’ll change for the better soon.

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See you next time!


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