Weighted Words #1 – Sometimes translations get weird

Welcome to the first post in a brand-new series called ‘Weighted Words’. I’d like to start out by explaining what this series is about and how it came to be.

What is it about?
In ‘Weighted Words’ I will be taking a closer look at a word I find interesting. I will be talking about the weight the word carries and the meaning behind it. I might explore some synonyms and will translate the word to English if it’s in a different language. Is it going to be interesting? I hope so, but you’ll have to be the judge!

The idea
The idea behind the series came from this strange hobby I have. I like reading. “That’s not that strange”, you might think. But I don’t like reading just anything: I like reading dictionaries. I don’t sit down and read everything there is to read in a dictionary, but in my spare time I enjoy flicking through the pages, hoping to come across a word I don’t know. Sometimes these words have interesting meanings and that’s it, but sometimes I find things to add to my vocabulary.

With that out of the way; let’s get started with the first word!

Bedremmeld (Dutch)
“Niet behoorlijk kunnen spreken door verlegenheid, syn. beteuterd, onthutst, bedremmeld staan, toekijken.” – Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal.

The word ‘bedremmeld’ is a Dutch adjective I hadn’t heard of before. I found it after going through the Dutch dictionary (Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal). It’s difficult to translate the word; hence why I decided to write about it in this post. The word roughly translate to:

Perplexed/Embarrassed/Confused (English)
“Not being able to speak normally because of embarrassment, synonyms: dumbfounded, confused.”

I found this to be interesting, because somehow it relates to both a mental and physical state. Somehow you get ‘bedremmeld’, by something that confuses you and it causes you to feel embarrassed. It’s not a one-on-one translation to ‘perplexed’ or ‘confused’, because that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with embarrassment. It’s not just ’embarrassed’ either because that wouldn’t confuse you per se.

That’s about it for this installment of ‘Weighted Words’. Mind you, it’s still a work in progress and I’m looking for ways to get deeper into the meaning of a word. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this post!



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See you next time!


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