Daily Dose of Dave #7 – Go-time!

You should appreciate the small things in life; they can lead to so much more if you are appreciative enough.

Welcome back to another installment of Daily Dose of Dave! In the last post, I talked about the test I had received from a company I applied to. Today, I want to continue that story.

I woke up -early as always- to go to work. It was freezing out and due to heavy fog, sight was limited. Still, I somehow managed to get to work without crashing into stuff, so the day started out just fine. I got to work right on time and I walked into my boss’ office to ask him what I was supposed to be doing today. “You can get started on those rings”, he mumbled. I sighed. I hope I only sighed on the inside and not directly in his face. I can’t remember, it being that early in the morning. “Those rings..”

Those rings
The rings he was talking about are.. well.. Rings. We make them out of some sort of plastic and it’s a really boring process. It takes forever, the customer always orders thousands at a time and it’s mind-numbingly dull work. I put the plastic in the machine I’m working with, press start, wait 4 minutes and when it’s done, I pull out 10 rings. Then I press start again. We have an order for 2500 rings and have to have some extra to store in the back. This means about 4000 to 5000 rings to make. Today was a long day.

The good part
Not all things were bad today, however. The company I took the test for got back to me with the results. As I said yesterday, the test included me subtitling a short Dutch video segment. I took the test and felt that I nailed it. Hit it out of the park. And luckily, the company agreed. They rated my test as ‘very good’ and apart from some comments here and there, I’m good to go!

I’m now officially a freelance subtitler! I’m very excited to get to work, but there are plenty of things still uncertain. I have no clue how much I’m going to earn, how many hours of work lies ahead of me and whether it’s just a sidejob or something I can make a living out of. We’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, I’m really pleased with the results. I applied for a job as a freelancer, took a test and got the job. It’s one of the most exciting experiences for me in the four years I’ve been trying to land a job. It might turn out to be just a job to earn something on the side, but at least it’s something. You never know. I’ll keep you posted!

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See you tomorrow!



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