Daily Dose of Dave #4 – A bit of hope

You should never stop trying. Every attempt is one step in the right direction and you want to keep moving if you ever want to reach your destination.

Welcome back! Today was a good day. I received some great news, news that could potentially take me one step closer to landing my dream job!

The day started out as normal. Well, not entirely. I overslept. It’s been years since I overslept, but somehow my 26 alarms didn’t wake me up today. I jumped out of bed -it was probably more of a slight ‘hop’ it being that early-, dragged myself to the car and got to work. I got started and I noticed this bright blinking light coming out of my left pocket. My phone. I took a quick look and noticed I’d received an email. “AN EMAIL?!”

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every time I apply for jobs and receive an email, my heart skips a beat. I get my hopes up way to high. I just can’t help it. Most of the time it ends up being spam. I continued to open the email and saw that it was not spam today: it was a reply to an application I sent out last week. “It only takes one email to get in touch with a great company that will hire me and get me out of this dump”, I thought as I started reading. It didn’t disappoint.

This company I applied to, which provides subtitles for a variety of clients, was looking for a native Dutch translator/subtitler. Turns out, they’d read my application and were impressed enough to invite me to do a ‘short test’ to see if I’m right for the job. They asked me if I would be in the position to do the test today and complete it within 24 hours. I replied right away.

I’m anxiously awaiting their response as we speak. I’m not sure what this ‘test’ is going to be about. I can’t wait to find out though! For now, it’s just a waiting game. I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!




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