Daily Dose of Dave #1 – Who? What? Why?!

I’m generally not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Probably because I suck at sticking with ’em. But who cares; let’s give it another shot this year, shall we?

Hi! Welcome to 2018! My name is Dave and I’m the writer behind this blog. The host of the show so to speak. Host of the show I’d like to call life. Well.. my life that is. In this first blog post I’m going to be explaining who I am, what I’m going to be writing on this blog and why I will be doing so. And why you should read it!

Who am I? Just your average Joe to be completely honest. I was born and raised in the Netherlands (Yes, that small country hidden somewhere in Western Europe) and I’m still living there to this day. In my daily life, I work as a CNC machine operator, a job I do not particularly like unfortunately.

Instead of moping about my job, I decided a couple of years ago to pursue my dream and try to land a job as a writer or translator. I’ve been working hard to find the job I’m looking for (while still working as a CNC machine operator) and have been lucky to have met great people along the way.

I decided to start this blog after realising I’ve been writing almost every day for the last couple of years and figured: ‘Why not put it online?’. Also, it’s a good excuse to not have any other New Year’s resolutions: this is all they’re getting out of me this year.

I’d like to take you along on my journey to landing my dream job as a writer or translator, or making it big as a freelancer. It’s been a long road so far, and I’m far from ‘there’ yet, but I thought I would share my experiences. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes!

Besides talking about my journey, I plan on writing about all kinds of stuff. I really enjoy everything that has to do with words and languages and I’m eager to learn about pretty much anything life has to offer. I might be talking about a certain sentence or saying that I really like, I might review some books and I might talk about things that are trending. I will definitely whine about certain stuff in this series of diary-like posts under the name ‘Daily Dose of Dave’. You can count on that!

Why (should you read all of this)?
In the end that’s all up to you! I would love for you to stick around though, so it’s not just me talking to myself. Perhaps you can learn from my mistakes or maybe I can help you in some other way. For me, this blog will be a way of pushing myself to keep writing and improving, while getting my mind off of things in ‘real life’.

Will this become the greatest blog ever in the history of mankind? Definitely not. But I do hope I can at least keep you entertained for a little bit and perhaps convince you that you are not alone in your struggles.

Thanks for reading: Happy New Year!



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